Ipanema 9.2 charts new path for enterprises with business-grade Internet WANs

Earlier this year we announced a new update to our industry-leading Application-Aware SD-WAN solution, to build on the momentum of our record-setting year of Ipanema deployments in 2016. Today, we’re very pleased to share the next iteration of our solution, Ipanema 9.2, which will push the envelope even further in delivering business-grade WAN for Internet-connected enterprises.

This new software update provides an enterprise’s branch offices with the ability to exclusively use direct Internet links at their location to connect to their global enterprise MPLS network. As enterprises continue to drift away from MPLS, Ipanema 9.2 will help to bridge this gap by providing a migration path to pure Internet-based enterprise networks. By increasing business agility and quickly adding capacity via Internet links, the Ipanema update deploys a hybrid WAN at a faster speed and lower cost.

The end result: delivering business-grade connectivity without compromising on the quality of service and quality of experience that users expect and need.

Maintaining high availability and business continuity

Hand-in-hand with reinforcing that full quality of experience for business users is Ipanema 9.2’s high availability functionality, which ensures that critical locations in the enterprise’s network – ranging from branch locations to data center sites – do not lose connectivity because of hardware failures.

Here’s how that works: by supporting fast failover among redundant Ipanema equipment, the 9.2 update can eliminate the potential of a single point of failure affecting hardware appliances. These configurations ensure that no loss of service occurs from simple failures, across both data centers and branch locations, in order to ultimately preserve total business continuity.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with 9.2. Paired with new versions of existing hardware appliances, Ipanema 9.2 can deliver 2.5x the throughput of Ipanema 9.1 for WAN speeds and 4x the throughput for WAN optimization than the previous hardware generation. With enhanced application visibility, improved Internet traffic reporting, greater support for cloud-based security via secure web gateways (like Zscaler) and reimagined dashboard visuals, Ipanema 9.2 promises to chart a new path for the Application Aware SD-WAN and the Internet-connected enterprises who have come to expect business-grade WAN – and all the quality of experience that that entails.

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Ricardo Belmar

Ricardo is the Senior Director for Worldwide Enterprise Product Marketing at InfoVista. In this role, Ricardo develops market positioning and strategy for InfoVistas enterprise solutions globally leveraging his more than 20 years of IT industry experience. As large enterprises in the manufacturing, retail, logistics, banking/finance and related industries embrace and accelerate digital transformations via unified communications, collaborative, mobile and cloud-based applications the need to deliver the best user experience to all users, customers, applications, and devices is ever increasing. Ricardo helps these organizations find business value from technology investments by optimizing their enterprise network to drive user experience and omni-channel customer experiences. Ricardo actively engages with industry influencers in retail, consumer goods, banking, payments, & restaurant industries on technology trends via Twitter and LinkedIn. He was named Social Media Mayor at the 2015 Retail Executive Summit, the 2015 ENGAGE Summit and 2016 RetailTech Conference by RIS News. He has conducted video interviews of senior executives from banking and restaurant brands as well as many industry analysts and is frequently interviewed by retail industry publications. Ricardo is also a supporter of the RetailROI charity organization.